Benefits of Being a Subscriber

Most people don’t plan to fail. They fail to plan.”
Why should you become a subscriber?

Great question and I have an easy answer. The easy answer is Dollabuzz will provide you with a plan to get your money right. But, that is not the only reason as you will soon discover.

You need to be a Dollabuzz subscriber because…

As a Dollabuzz subscriber you will receive freebies you can use right now to help you get your money right. However, before we get to those  freebies I want to let you know about the greatest perk of becoming a subscriber.

Can you guess the greatest perk ALL subscribers will receive? A perk you can’t find anywhere else?

I wanted to do something special for my subscribers. Something that says Dollabuzz really does have your back and wants to see you get your money right and reach your goals.

So what do you have up you sleeve Mr. Dollabuzz. We are dying to know!

All dollabuzz subscribers will receive a free personalized money plan!

Why Do I Need a Personalized Money Plan?

Personal finance is confusing and time-consuming, but Dollabuzz has you covered. Your financial needs are unique, and Dollabuzz will customize a plan just for YOU. We will walk you through the entire process from setting goals and designing your money plan all the way through saving and investing. We will also answer questions you have. Not sure if you should your car or keep it? We will provide an answer.

What Does This Money Plan Include?

Your Dollabuzz money plan includes the following:

Step 1: Design a money plan YOU can live with. A money plan will allow you to reach your personal finance goals. Dollabuzz starts with where you want to be which is your ultimate goal and designs a plan that gets you there.

Step 2: Form a “get outta debt” plan. We’ll show you what bills to pay and in what order to ensure you are Dollabuzzin’ in no time. Get. Your. Money. Right. FAST!

Step 3: Open an investment account. Once you’re ready to invest, we’ll walk you through the process of opening a Betterment account or the investment account of YOUR choice.

Step 4: Choose an investment. Not sure what to invest in? Dollabuzz will recommend an investment allocation unique to your goals.

Your personalized money plan is FREE for becoming one of our valuable subscribers!

In addition to the greatest perk out there, subscribers also receive…

The Get Your Money Right pack, which will show you:
  • How to achieve your goals,
  • How to get out of debt, and
  • How to invest to create wealth.
Other benefits of being an email subscriber:

As an email subscriber, you will also receive weekly emails with links to thought provoking stories, cool videos, and entertaining podcasts all designed to help you get your money right.

Are you ready to end the stress and worry? Become an email subscriber TODAY to receive The Get your money right packet and a personalized financial plan for FREE!

P.S. You work hard for your money and Dollabuzz wants to help you keep more of it.