Identity Theft: How Do You Prevent Your Identity From Being Stolen?

Identity theft is a huge problem that cost consumers $16 billion in 2016 and the problem is getting worse. With the Equifax breach nearly everyone’s personal information was stolen and everyone’s personal finances are at risk. How do you prevent your identity from being stolen?
shadowy figure in a hooded sweatshirt stealing your identity.
Identity theft is a huge problem and can you can become a victim at any time.
Today, identity theft hit close to home…

A close friend of mine called me this morning saying his checking account had been wiped out because someone stole his debit card information. He was ganked for $1900 and had no idea he was at risk. He had his debit card and only discovered this theft when his bank sent him a text message. The bank new something was up when $800 was spent at Wal Mart and $1100 at UPS.

Thankfully, he will get his money back and although he was the victim of credit card fraud, it could have been much worse as he could have been the victim of identity theft.

stack of credit cards
Credit card fraud can strike at any time.

Identity Theft Is a Huge Problem

Unfortunately, this type of crime is very common because our information is exposed due to data breaches and other crimes. The Equifax data breach was probably the most egregious considering they are one of the big 3 credit bureaus and have ALL of your personal financial information. In addition to the financial costs, there are hidden costs like the time and stress associated with fixing your personal finances.

What We Cover Today

  • Credit card fraud vs identify theft
  • How does identity theft happen
  • How you can prevent identity theft
  • Protecting yourself from identity theft
  • Why you shouldn’t use free Wi-Fi
  • What to do if you are the victim of identity theft
  • How Mr Dollabuzz protects his identity

Credit Card Fraud Vs Identity Theft

one - hundred dollar bills in a rubber band
Credit card fraud and identity theft can be expensive.

Many people may believe credit card fraud and identity theft are the same. In reality, they’re different crimes — and both can seriously damage your credit history, personal finances, and make it difficult for you to get a loan or apply for new credit cards.

Both crimes involve someone assuming a false identity, says Eric Tyson, an economist and the author of “Personal Finance for Dummies.”

The main difference between credit card fraud and identity theft is that credit card fraud usually involves a single  account. If someone steals your identity, the damage to your personal finances can be much costlier because someone can open lines of credit like a car loan in your name.

shadowy figure with binary code
Identity theft is a huge problem

How Does Credit Card Fraud and Identity Theft Happen

There a several ways for a thief to steal your information. A few old school ways are:

1. Phone Scam: Someone calls you and says you won a prize and they need your credit card number to pay for shipping etc.

2. Digging Through Your Garbage/Stealing Your Mail: Thieves steal your garbage or mail and look for credit cards, card applications, and other personal information. However, due to privacy laws the amount of information found through these means is dwindling.

Here are two high tech schemes that are very popular and my friend was probably a victim of number 1:
  1. Skimming – Electronic devices called “skimmers” can read your card’s magnetic strip and grab your credit card details. Shady service clerks can use these devices to make an electronic copy of your card, which they then transfer to a blank credit card or computer to make fraudulent charges. Skimmers can also be installed at ATMs and gas station pumps. See this reference for more guidance on skimmers and what to look for.
  2. Phishing – Phishing refers to fake emails, phone calls, or letters claiming to be a business or institution you might know asking for your credit card or other personal information. This is a social engineering tactic where the fraudster hopes you will voluntarily give up your personal information.

The Best Ways To Prevent Credit Card Fraud and Identity Theft

The best way to prevent both credit card fraud and identity theft is to ensure your sensitive information is secured as much as possible. Don’t give your information when unsolicited. In other words, if someone asks you for personal information don’t provide it. If you receive an email from your bank asking for information call them and verify it really is your bank.

A few other tips to prevent credit card fraud and identity theft are:

  • Shred important documents
  • Don’t write down your social security number
  • Use virus protection on your computer and,
  • Be wary of free wi-fi
man with a hat and a black computer screen background.
Hackers are everywhere and are trying to steal your personal information.

You Shouldn’t Use Free Wi-Fi Because…

it’s an easy way to have your personal information stolen. I know it’s very tempting to use free Wi-Fi. Why use your own data when you can connect for free at the coffee shop or the hotel? Personal finance is all about saving money right Mr. Dollabuzz? Well, ya but hackers love free Wi-Fi since it is easily hacked. Easy hack = easy money for the bad guys.

A CNBC story noted that most people are unaware of the risks of using public Wi-Fi . Additionally, a Harvard Business Review story noted that ” over half of the adults in the U.S. have their personal information exposed to hackers each year. ”

The author (Luke Bencie, Managing Director of Security Management International) states that “we compare the dangers of using public Wi-Fi to the risks of having unprotected sex. In both cases, not taking the necessary precautions can lead to lasting harm.”

The point is to make sure you wrap up your Wi-Fi with a secure password or vpn connection to ensure your personal financial information is safe. Yo, wrap it up B!

How You Can Protect Yourself From Identity Theft

Thankfully, there are several ways you can protect yourself from credit card fraud and identity theft. These services cost money but can be worth every penny in the event your personal information is stolen.

Zander Insurance Group

Zander Insurance Group offers protection against all identity theft events. Price starts at $75 a year for one person and $145 per family for one year. The protection offered is similar to an insurance policy but is NOT an insurance policy.

Here is an overview of services that are provided:
  • Unlimited recovery services
  • Personal information monitoring
  • Change of address monitoring
  • Social security number monitoring
  • $1 million stolen funds protection and reimbursement protection
  • Certified ID theft specialists 24/7/365
  • Data breach notifications & credit report monitoring reminders

Here is a more detailed summary of benefits.


LifeLock offers different memberships ranging from $9.99 a month to $29.99 a month for the ultimate plus package and partners with Norton Security  which”looks for use of your personal information, and with proprietary technology, alerts you to a wide range of potential threats to your identity.” This also works to protect your devices such as your phone and computer.

Here is an overview of services that are provided:
Cyber security is key to preventing identity theft.
Zander Insurance Group vs LifeLock With Norton Security

Mr. Dollabuzz personally uses the services of Zander Insurance Group. I receive no commission from them and decided to use their product after the Equifax data breach. I think either service would be fine.

As a service to my readers here is an overview of Zander Insurance’s offering versus other products.

A Few Other Tips on Protecting Yourself

What To Do If You Are The Victim of Credit Card Fraud or Identity Theft

If you are the victim of identity theft the first thing you should do is notify your bank or creditors. Second, you should put a fraud alert on your credit report. Next, review your credit reports to identify any unusual activity. These three steps are critical to getting a handle on the extent of the crime and will help limit your financial exposure. Here is a checklist for victims of identity theft and for victims of the Equifax breach. 

Identity Theft Can Ruin Your Personal Finances

It is important to be proactive when it comes to protecting your identity. Protecting your personal information, being aware of various scams, and the risks associated with free Wi-Fi can help prevent identity theft.

Using an identity theft service will also mitigate your losses in the event you are a victim. Doing these things will help ensure your personal finances stay Dollabuzz strong.

How To Make Money As a Secret Shopper

Dollabuzz Shows You Another Way to Earn Easy Money

Looking to make some extra cash? Dollabuzz is here to show you how to combine secret-shopper and survey money to cash in during your free time.

Dollabuzz readers – hello and greetings! Now that it’s 2018, let’s continue learning how to make a little money on the side. Today, Dollabuzz will show you how to make money as a secret shopper. No, this isn’t a Craigslist scam – it can actually work!

If you’ve been ridin’ with us for a while, then you know how to make money taking surveys. I actually originally came across secret shopping jobs while researching how to make money by taking surveys.

Let’s get right down to it!

How to Make Money As a Secret Shopper: Step #1

Step number one is to register at Shadow Shopper. Once you register, you’ll receive an email confirming your registration. Once confirmed, and after you create your profile, you’ll start receiving emails about local jobs in your area. There are two levels of shopper status:

Bronze Status

The free Basic Bronze membership allows you to apply for selected job listings (those posted more than 7 days ago) through the Job Board, and it puts you onto a list for employers to contact directly. You can also apply for Promoted Jobs (the ones posted on top of the list due to the immediate need for shoppers).

Gold Status

There are four different price points for Gold status, starting at $6.95 for 30 days and up to $47.95 for 365 days. Gold status provides all the benefits of the Bronze membership, PLUS:

  • Higher ranking on the list for employers to contact directly to offer work
  • Access to the Mystery Shopping, Merchandising, Demonstrating, and Interviewing certifications
  • Emails of FULL job notifications of actual jobs posted in real time, or once daily, depending on your preferences.
  • Instant application to ANY job posted on the Job Board or from your email inbox.

How To Make Money As a Secret Shopper: Step #2

After signing up, you’ll receive an email from a marketing rep that covers your geography. I received notification from MarketWise Consulting Group informing me of several available jobs in my area. I was also asked to register at Gigspot and downloaded the app. Gigspot will also provide job openings in your area.

My First Two Jobs

My first job was to evaluate a local dry cleaners by providing feedback on things like customer service, storefront appearance, and quality of cleaning.  I had to complete and submit a report within one week from my visit. For this assignment, I would receive up to $20 for reimbursements plus $10. Not bad for an hour of work.

Who doesn’t like easy money? Dollabuzz readers like easy money. Fo’ $ho

The second job involved visiting a church and providing feedback about my visit. Specifically, they were asking for feedback regarding the treatment of new visitors to their church. For this feedback, I received $45. Hallelujah!

What I Like About Secret Shopping So Far

My first jobs were simple gigs that offered decent pay. Getting paid $10 for a dry cleaning visit plus reimbursement was an easy score.  I was going to get those clothes cleaned anyways. Getting paid to attend church? That’s a no-brainer Dollabuzz.

A higher-paying job I came across requires you to be a “tough negotiator” but pays $75 a visit with up to 4-6 jobs a month! This involves negotiating the price of a car at a dealership. If you thrive at being a ball-breaker, then this could be for you.

What I Don’t Like

I can’t help but wonder if the premium upgrade would be worth the $6.95 for a 30-day trial. This may provide better opportunities, because a lot of the non-premium jobs require quite a bit of work for only $10. For example, one job was to evaluate a gas station. You’re required to take pics and buy something without reimbursement. Then you have to tell the people working there you’re a secret shopper. Yeah… that’s not how I Dollabuzz.

In addition to being a lot of work, some jobs are over 40 miles away… and at $10-$15 per visit, it’s just not worth my time. I’d rather take surveys from my house and wait for another dry cleaning gig. At Dollabuzz, we don’t work hard for peanuts, nah mean?

How To Make Money As a Secret Shopper: Conclusion

Making money as a secret shopper is a ludicrously simple process. Register and complete a profile with Shadow Shopper and Gigspot. Once completed, you can apply for various jobs in your area and then get paid. Easy as that.

That said, I would recommend upgrading to Gold or Premium status. There are better-paying jobs available that are worth your time. Also, be on the lookout for random phone numbers that call you. I received a call about handing out free skin-care products for $15 an hour! I would have taken this gig, but I had family obligations. This gig would have paid $96.

Easy Money Take Away

Combine your Secret Shopper money with your survey money and you can make some easy cash money. We’re not talking chump change, either. Between secret shopping and online surveys, you can make an easy $300-$400 a month. Easy money is how we like to Dollabuzz, and we assume that’s how our readers roll, too.

Let us know in the comments if you have any hot tips on easy money-making gigs, and we’ll be sure to check them out!

How to Save Money Buying Makeup

Dollabuzz Shows You How to Save Money and Look Great Doing It

At Dollabuzz, we’re always on the lookout for your financial wellbeing. Yes, I know Dollabuzz is about personal finance for young adults, but in the spirit of keeping this blog entertaining for my readers (and stepping out of our comfort zone), we decided to go in a different direction for today’s post. Today, we show you how to save money buying makeup. Saaaaaay Whuuutt?!?!

A post on makeup?!? C’mon, Mr. Dollabuzz maaaine! Makeup… for real? Yes, for real. We can write about credit card debt or borrowing money to buy a car and a Money Plan all day long and twice on Sundays, but that ISH gets STALE, and my readers demand to be entertained. So today we have a post for our women readers who want to look their best AND save money, which is what we call #GlamSavy. Dollabuzz will show you how to save money on your eyes, lips, and face (E.L.F.).

Dollabuzz will show you how to save money on your eyes, lips, and face.

How To Save Money Buying Makeup: Eyes, Lips, and Face (E.L.F.)

This Get.Your.Money.Right journey began at the Ulta near my house, where I spoke with Jamie, the Prestige manager. Ulta is divided into the Prestige counter and the Drugstore counter. Since we’re here to save some dolla dolla bills and have YOUR makeup lookin’ like da shiznit, we headed to the Drugstore counter.

Jamie brought me to the E.L.F. section and raved about E.L.F. as having high-quality products, including good-quality brushes. Jamie mentioned that the E.L.F. brushes are his favorite and the makeup is great too.

Next, Jamie suggested subscribing to E.L.F. emails to receive coupons and special sales. Upon returning home and visiting the E.L.F. website, I noticed that they offer a free 3-piece beauty set on orders of $25 or more. Just visiting their site will save you money!

Next, I subscribed to their email listing and the first email I received had the following:

Free shipping IS gorgeous.

Hello, gorgeous. Who doesn’t love a compliment like that?! E.L.F. is right, I am gorgeous. Uh, Mr. Dollabuzz. This is just an automatic email. E.L.F. doesn’t know if you’re a gorgeous swan or if you swan-dived out of the ugly tree. Whooooa there, voice in my head! If you think you are gorgeous, then you are. Don’t rain on my self-esteem parade. Back to gettin’ money. Free shipping on my first order? Cha-ching!

How to Save Money Buying Makeup: Join the E.L.F Beauty Squad

Joining the E.L.F Beauty Squad allows for you to save more money through the accumulation of points. Points are earned by making purchases, word of mouth, and social media doings. For example:

  • 5 points for sharing our posts on Facebook
  • 5 points for sharing our tweets on Twitter
  • 10 points when you follow us on Instagram
  • 150 points when you refer a besty, BFF, or side piece.

In addition to explaining all the positives of E.L.F., Jamie recommended a few products. Since I don’t wear makeup personally, it would be difficult for me to review the products themselves. However, I did check the Amazon reviews of the products, which include the rating along with the price. Here’s a list of products Jamie recommends with links to purchase them through Amazon:

Eye Makeup

“I think the eyes flirt most. There are so many ways to use them.” -Ann Held

Shadow Lock Eyelid Primer, Pearl

Price: $6.99 Rate: 4/5

This lightweight formula ensures a long-lasting look, without creasing.

Prism Eye Shadow

Price: $10 Rate: 4.6/5

These shades go on like a powder, but feel creamy and pigmented. The neutral palette is great for going from day to night; apply dry for a slight shimmer, or use wet for an intense look.

Waterproof Lengthening and Volumizing Mascara

Price: $6.00 Rating: 3.5/5

This quick-drying formula creates thicker and fuller lashes. The enhanced brush head allows for better application and control.

Lip Makeup

“Girls, girls, girls… long legs and burgundy lips.” -Motley Crue

E.L.F Lip Lock Pencil

Price: $7.50 Rating: 4/5

Keep your lip color from bleeding outside the lines with this clear formula… great for any skin tone! No sharpening required.

E.L.F. Feather Proof Moisturizing Lip Liner

Price: $7.50 Rating: 4/5

Long-lasting hydrating pigments that never feather or bleed out.

Face Makeup

“She’s not just a pretty face, she’s got everything it takes” -Shania Twain

Aqua Primer Mist

Price: $8.00 Rating: 3/5

This silicone- and alcohol-free primer readies the skin for foundation (or bare face) with enriched vitamins and antioxidants, creating a supple and dewy effect.

“Gotta be hydrated”

E.L.F. Cosmetics, Flawless Finish Foundation, SPF 15 Sunscreen, Oil Free

Price: $20 Rating: 4/5

This semi-matte finish is lightweight and applies with ease, leaving you with an air-brushed look. Now that’s putting your best face forward.

E.L.F Ultimate Blending Brush

Price: $6.00 Rating 4/5

The packed bristles and large dome-shaped head allow for effortless application with professional-looking results. Can be used with several products and consistencies.

E.L.F. Eyeliner

Price: $6.00 Rating 4/5

Achieve color intensity for your eyes with this soft gel liner – and best of all, no sharpening required!

How to Save Money Buying Makeup

What started out as a trip to Ulta turned into a post about E.L.F. products. E.L.F.  offers quality makeup at a great price. E.L.F. has specials and sales on various products exclusive to their email subscribers. In addition, joining the Beauty Squad allows you to save even more money. Whether you’re buying your favorite color lipstick or going for a new look this season, be sure to check out E.L.F. and all the great products they offer.

Independence Day Financial Freedom Tips

Independence Day Financial Freedom Tips: Additional Ways to Save Money This 4th of July

Goooooood Morning Vietnam!! Wait a second… (checks posts….) That greeting is for another post. Ok, time to post up. Good morning Dollabuzz readers!! So, the Brotha of Dollabuzz (BOD) emailed me with additional ways to save money this 4th of July. BOD is one smart Brotha and has a strong Dollabuzz. Like Crossfit strong. BOD coined the phrase Independence Day Financial Freedom Tips.
Since Dollabuzz always appreciates reader feedback, we decided to let BOD shine and add onto our previous post. With our nation’s birthday right around the corner, Dollabuzz shares these additional Independence Day Financial Freedom Tips that are Founding Father Approved. So read up bout how to get freed up.
Mr. Dollabuzz and Brutha of Dollabuzz
Before we get started, Dollabuzz has to give a shout out to our favorite Founding Father. We all know him. His name is slang and his mug is on the $100 bill. A rap song was named after him and his name stays in rapper’s lyrics. Big Ben Franklin is his name and Wikipedia has his story. Big Ben is known for being frugal and savvy. As a result, Dollabuzz gotta give Ben Franklin his Founding Father props.
Big Ben Was All About the Benjamins.

Independence Day Financial Freedom Tip#1: Don’t Finance Toyz

Every time I turn on the t.v. or radio (yes, I still listen to the radio) I hear commercials for RV’s, boats, and jet skis. What I hear is the great deal you can get. Lets go with jet skis and their “affordable” $239 monthly payment financed for five years. If you don’t have the cash to cover new toyz, find the value of used toyz which are much cheaper.

The reason used jet skis are so much cheaper is recreational vehicles depreciate like a can of beer without a koozie. This is much faster than their everyday contemporary, the new car. Look for value used options such as previous owners who maintain their toys. Only non-Dollabuzz readers buy “new toyz.”

The Founding Fathers Did Not Ride Jet skis Up The Delaware River. They did however Dollabuzz.
In addition to buying used toyz, rent, borrow, or test drive before you make a toy purchase. If you really, really, really must finance (like…..I gotta get on the water, dude), then verify loan terms for pre-payment options and total origination fees. Have a plan to pay it off ASAP because trust us, that $239 payment in January and February won’t be fun in years four and five.
Not counting interest that jet ski will cost you $14,430. Invest that $239 a month for 5 years and you could easily have $16,700. A $2300 difference. To see how that $239 invested for five years would amount to a nice sum of money. If you are new to investing  and looking to Dollabuzz check our Betterment posts and our discussion on 401k vs IRA.

Independence Day Financial Freedom Tip#2: Consider All The Costs of Toyz

One thing to consider whether you buy new or used toyz is the residual cost. Registration fees, insurance, storage, maintenance, and paying for a weekend of gas so your in-laws can get theirs all adds up. These are substantial hidden costs the seller won’t tell you about. Set aside some cash throughout the year to cover these expenses. If sharing toyz with family members, open up a checking account so deposits and expenses can be tracked. Saving money for these expenses during the off season is a great way cover these hidden costs and Dollabuzzzzzzz!

Image result for expenses
Don’t Let Hidden Expenses Ruin Your Dollabuzz

Independence Day Financial Freedom Tip#3: Check In With Your Mid Year Financial Goalz

July marks the half way point in the year. How is your investment situation looking? Are your financial goals on track? Get a pay bump this year and did you move that new money into investments? Are you ready for your fall educational expenses? Do you owe your brother in law $1,000 for season football tickets? Are you delinquent on paying your fantasy football league dues from last year? Are you avoiding all of your friends, out of a fear they will call you out for being a cheap degenerate? Pay up cheap degenerate! Anyways….back to gettin money.
Dollabuzz: Rubber band it. It Ain’t Foldin 
Regardless if you are a cheap degenerate, now is a great time to check into your various investment accounts. It is also a great time to check your “death box.” Tough name, but it gets the point across. If the homemade fireworks don’t work as designed, could your family quickly find your estate, will and other important documents? What about your insurance needs? For most people a simple 10 or 20 year term policy will suffice. Check out Zander Insurance Group.
Set up a safe-deposit box or other area where your critical documents are stored. Let your loved ones know about this but not your baby momma/daddy. That could be a bad idea but hopefully you get the concept here.

Dollabuzz: The All American Way To Enjoy Financial Freedom

At Dollabuzz we are about being smart. A good Dollabuzz goes all year and takes no holiday. Be smart when buying toyz and you should only buy used toyz. Let someone else buy new and eat that depreciation like a warm beer n brat’ that have been in the sun all day. You, loyal reader buy like new at 40 cents on the Dollabuzz in the early December. That’s how you Dollabuzz hard in the paint.

This is a great time of year to take a peek at the ol finances. At family gatherings pick the brains of people you trust or read (ahem) for a little financial insight. In addition to buying used toyz, make sure you have a will, estate, and adequate insurance in case “sh** happens. These three things will keep your Dollabuzz strong all year long and are a few of our Independence Day Financial Freedom Tips that are Founding Father Approved.

We would love to hear our readers comment on their Independence Day Financial Freedom Tips.

Dollabuzz: Financial Freedom

Wedding Flowers On a Budget

Dollabuzz Shows You How to Have Wedding Flowers on a Budget

With wedding season in full swing, we thought we’d do a series of posts on how to Dollabuzz your wedding. Flowers can be expensive but with these tips you can have beautiful flowers on a budget

Today’s post is about how to Dollabuzz your flowers, assuming you will be using real flowers. Let’s be honest – real flowers are much, much nicer than fake (silk) ones… but they can also be much more expensive. Let’s take a look at several ways to lock down beautiful wedding flowers on a budget.

To help you Dollabuzz your flowers, we reached out to Blooms by Bri. Bri is a certified florist and wifey of Mr. Dollabuzz. Bri has been in the flower game for a few years now and comes highly recommended. According to Blooms by Bri, the three keys to Dollabuzz your flowers are:

  • Stick with seasonal flowers,
  • Keep arrangements simple, and
  • DON’T attempt to DIY your arrangements.
Hand-Tied Bridal Bouquet consisting of Roses, Garden Roses, Dahlias, Stock, Astilbe and Dusty Miller in a vase.
With wedding season in full swing, we thought we’d do a series of posts on how to Dollabuzz your wedding. Flowers can be expensive but with these tips you can have beautiful flowers on a budget

 Seasonal/Economical Flowers

Selecting seasonal flowers is a great way to keep floral costs down. As a bonus, seasonal flowers will help ensure peak freshness. Many floral wholesalers/florists use crops that come from local farms in order to keep shipping costs down. When there’s an abundance of a certain flower that’s in-season, they usually sell them at a lower price per stem, bringing your cost down (example: sunflowers in the fall).

Some flowers are always in season, such as roses & carnations. They come from all parts of the country and even the world. Carnations get a bad rap, but they’re actually very sturdy and do well out of water (think of those HOT, flower-wilting summer days). Other economical flowers that can make a big impact are stocks, mums, & alstroemeria.

red carnation with two white carnations


Another great way to Dollabuzz your flowers is to use fewer flowers and more greenery. Or, instead of flowers, you can use all greenery! Say what?!? No flowers?!? You cray-cray!!

Let me explain myself. Greenery tends to last longer than flowers, it can be less expensive, and it’s the hottest trend this year thanks to Pantone. Pantone? Isn’t that a shampoo? No, no… You’re thinking of Pantene. Ask your florist for recommendations about the latest greenery trends.

KISS Your Arrangements

We all know the ‘KISS’ acronym: “Keep It Simple, Stupid” (or “Sexy,” as Mr. Dollabuzz says). KISS also applies to flowers. Whether you need 2 arrangements or 200, sticking with the same flower(s)/greenery throughout the entire event will simplify everything. More intricate designs require more work/labor, which means a higher cost. Talk with your florist about some ideas that would require minimal labor/product while still having a big impact and giving you more bang for your Dollabuck.

Don’t believe the hype: Do NOT DIY your flower arrangements

DIY sounds great in theory when you go online to your “big bulk” box stores and see the flowers you want for your arrangements. You submit your order and a few days before your wedding, they show up on your doorstep. Guess what? What? Your hydrangeas are wilted, your roses have brown edges, and the carnations are the wrong color. Now what? Your big day just hit a big speed bump. A florist will help ensure these last minute ruh-rohs never happen in the first place.

I belong to several forums where brides brag about their floral DIY intentions, and I cringe just about every time. Please realize the skill, time, and tools needed to create successful and beautiful arrangements. A florist knows how much to order and how to prep the flowers so they’re hydrated and ready for arranging. In addition, a good florist knows approximately how long each arrangement will take and – most importantly – they have the tools to make it happen.

You’re not only hiring a florist, you’re hiring a professional to provide a service. Your baker is making your cake, your caterer is making your food… So for crying out loud, let a florist handle your flowers! They arrange, they deliver, and they set everything up (sometimes they even take it down). Let’s face it, you have other stuff to worry about, like taking shots of Fireball with your bridesmaids. Whatever you say, Mr. Dollabuzz.

Wedding Flowers On a Budget: Dollabuzz Your Flower Game

This may seem strange, a Dollabuzz post telling you to spend money. But sometimes you end up spending more in time and money trying to cut corners. Here at Dollabuzz, we’re committed to making your money and time work for you. Dollabuzz your flowers by sticking with seasonal flowers, keeping arrangements simple, and NOT attempting to DIY your arrangements.

A special thanks to Bri at Blooms by Bri, who really does amazing work. Check her out on her Facebook page.