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Dollabuzz: Helping Young Adults Get Their Money Right

Dollabuzz. Dolla-Dollabuzz. Say Dollabuzz five times real fast. That was fun! Okaaay, so what is Dollabuzz? Dollabuzz is simply when you feel good about money. Specifically YOUR money. Kinda like the buzz you get when something good happens, or maybe even the buzz from a cold brewsky.

If you’re new to Dollabuzz, let me introduce myself: My name is Humpty, pronounced with a Umpty. Ha! Now that I have your attention, my name is Steve Killingsworth, and I live in a small community outside of Lansing, Michigan. I’ve been writing personal finance advice for young adults since the summer of 2017.

I have a wonderful wife and a sweet little girl I refer to as Peanut. We also have a goldendoodle named Cody. I graduated from Central Michigan University with an accounting degree and I work in the world of insurance auditing. Recently I obtained a risk-management designation (ARM) and I am currently working toward the CPCU designation. When I’m not at my 9-5 or writing for my blog, you can find me at CrossfitShift, playing fantasy football, spending time with the fam, or with my beak in a book.

Mr. and Mrs. Dollabuzz, providing personal finance advice for young adults.
Cody the goldendoodle.







Although I work in the insurance/audit field, I have an obsession with personal finance and helping people understand and obtain their personal finance goals. My target audience is the 18-30 year old demographic. I focus on this demo because they tend to need the most guidance when it comes to personal finance. Individuals in this demo need advice on student loans, buying a car, saving for retirement, landing that first job, and buying a house. These are all big money issues that I can speak to personally. I’ve made good and bad decisions regarding these issues, and I feel it’s my job to pass on all the advice I have.

So What Makes Me an Expert?

So what makes me an “expert”? Well, for one, I’m not an expert. I have made plenty of mistakes, BUT I have learned from those mistakes. I am not the smartest person nor do I know everything, but I listen to and learn from people who have money because I want MY money. Although I’m an “accountant,” I consider myself an investor. In addition to owning two rental properties, I actively invest in stocks and am obsessed with personal finance. I also immerse myself in the literature of how to succeed financially, and I pass that knowledge on to you.

Zach Garfield: Director of Social Media and Content Contributor

Assisting me on this blog is my nephew Zach. He’s 21 and a finance major at Michigan State. Since he’s in the demo we’re looking to serve, Zach provides real-time insight into current personal finance issues and trends. In addition to having a strong Dollabuzz, Zach invests in stocks (including options) and reads a lot of personal finance books. Zach is doing things at his age I wish I had done when I was 21, such opening an investment account. In addition to providing real-time personal finance insight and key content about college, investing, and landing that post-college job, Zach is also the Director of Social Media for Dollabuzz.

The Goal of Dollabuzz: Personal Finance Advice for Young Adults

The goal of Dollabuzz is to provide engaging advice that will help you take control of your financial future. In our opinion, personal finance is usually presented in a BORING manner, so we decided to flip the script. We believe more people would be interested in personal finance if it was fun to read, and that’s what Dollabuzz is all about. We will share and discuss the good and bad financial decisions we have made, along with our readers’ experiences and solutions that you can start implementing today.

What’s My First Step, Mr. Dollabuzz?

My mother would tell me that life is our greatest teacher, and I believe that 100%. I’ve used my life experiences to make significant progress in getting MY money right. I’ll tell you how I did it and how I continue to do it. If you ask us for advice and I don’t have an answer, I will find the answer. No secrets. No BS. I want my readers to share their stories, too. We can all learn from other people and find inspiration and knowledge from this blog. In addition to sharing my experiences, I’ll be interviewing and profiling other people to see how they get their money right. Gonna keep it 100!

So where do you start? The first step to getting your money right is having a money plan. Step two is subscribing to Dollabuzz. Do yourself a solid. Enter your email address and let’s get Dollabuzzin!

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