How To Make an Easy $100 Before Christmas

Dollabuzz Shows You How To Make an Easy $100 Before Christmas

Hello Dollabuzz readers! Today we have a fun and easy holiday post so let’s get started on how to make an easy $100 before Christmas.

If you need an easy $100 before Christmas, Dollabuzz has you covered. This post will show you how you can make $100 in under two weeks if you have enough time. You can make some cash before the holiday season by completing surveys. Keep reading to find out about my experience with OneOpinion.

Have you heard about making money through surveys? I have but never paid much attention. However, after reading this post I decided to take a closer look at exactly how to and how much money you make completing online surveys.

OneOpinion: How To Get Started

I started with OneOpinion because it was easy to join and I liked the payouts. After answering a few questions, a survey will be found for you, and additional questions will be asked. The program that runs the website will match you up with a survey based on your demographics.

If by chance you are not matched up with any surveys, you will get 50 points for your time. You can earn up to 250 points a day just for applying to take  surveys.

Each survey will earn you between 500-1500 points and take 5-30 minutes. No survey is  alike and while some are fun  others seem to drag on. One word of advice though, some surveys claims to only take 15-20 mins but can take over 30 mins! The 15 mins ones are awesome and I LOVE the 500 point, 5-minute quickies.

Once you earn 25,000 points you can redeem those points for a $25 Amazon, Wal-Mart, Starbucks, Target, Home Depot or Visa card gift cards.

You can earn gift cards for completing surveys.

Remember: Be honest with your answers and don’t speed through because the surveys do throw in trick questions to make sure you are paying attention. If you attempt to speed through they surveys you risk losing your points.

How To Make an Easy $100 Before Christmas: 2 Weeks In

Two weeks in and it seems like a lot of surveys are asking about similar topics and again a few surveys  drag on. I can not get into much detail on the actual surveys but they can be very similar to one another.  Lately,  I am 10 minutes into a survey and receive a message saying, “thank you for your time but you don’t qualify for this survey.” Again, you do get to pocket the 50 points and move on.

Completing surveys through OneOpinion can generate some easy money.

Overall, this has worked out well for me. As of now, I need 3800 points before I can cash in. There are just enough fun surveys to make the boring ones worthwhile. Some surveys give you free food and an Amazon card!

How To Make an Easy $100 Before Christmas: Free Food!

One survey I really enjoyed was about a new healthy snack that was in development. I was asked numerous questions about my eating habits and at the end of the survey, I was asked if I would like to try a sample and complete a survey on this new snack. Free healthy snacks?! Feed your Dollabuzz!

In addition to earning gift cards, you can earn free food!

Snacks came today.

Today the snacks came in the mail and they were soooo good. I eat the tasty snacks over the course of two days and complete the survey. For my time I received a $3 Amazon gift card! $3 does not seem like much but I am always looking for cheap kindle books and I will be on the lookout for a $3 book.

After today I have 1000 points to go. However,  I attempted 5 surveys but did not qualify still earning 50 points a pop. On a side note, it gets annoying having to enter in demographic information every time.

How To Make an Easy $100 Before Christmas: Last Few Days

As I try to reach 25,000 points I keep getting the same initial questions about movies. I don’t watch many movies and don’t follow pop culture. I think the “thank you for your time but you don’t qualify for this survey” reflects that. Where are the fantasy football or personal finance surveys?

How To Make an Easy $100 Before Christmas: Time To Get Paid!

FINALLY! After 3 weeks of surveys, I reached 25,000 points. For my time I can select a $25 Amazon, Walmart, Starbucks, HomeDepot, Target or Visa card. Not a bad little score! Depending on how much free time you have, you can easily earn $100 in two weeks.

You can select to receive a physical old school gift card or a virtual gift card. Why wait for the snail mail when you can redeem your points and make a purchase on the same day!

Simply complete and pass the extra verification process once you have a minimum of 25,000 points, and you will be able to redeem your points for Virtual Gift Cards.

Double Up Your Dollabuzz
Double up your Dollabuzz with the help of a significant other or roommate.

Looking to earn more money? You can double up your Dollabuzz  by having your significant other or roommate take surveys as well.   Combine the cards to buy beer protein powder or other things for the house from Amazon, Wal-Mart or Target.

How To Make an Easy $100 Before Christmas: Conclusion

If you have the time, you can earn an easy $100 before Christmas.

If you average 750 points a quiz which would be a mix of 500 and 1000 point surveys you can make $100 in two weeks by completing about 10 surveys a day.  This is either a lot or little depending on your life. What if you don’t want gift cards because you want straight cash money? You can sell your gift cards.

Remember, you can earn 250 points a day just for attempting to take a survey. Yes, the surveys can be repetitive but they are easy and some are actually fun.

During this time I was studying for a CPCU exam and got a stomach bug that put me on my ass for four days. If not for that I could have probably earned $50 in three weeks even working full time etc. However, if you are dedicated and have the time, earning $100 before for Christmas can be done.

I’ll probably continue to take two surveys a day with the goal of earning $50 month in gift cards but what I won’t do is buy gifts with my credit card this year.

Have you earned money taking surveys? What is the most amount you have earned. We would love to hear about your experience!

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