How To Make Money As a Secret Shopper

Dollabuzz Shows You Another Way to Earn Easy Money

Looking to make some extra cash? Dollabuzz is here to show you how to combine secret-shopper and survey money to cash in during your free time.

Dollabuzz readers – hello and greetings! Now that it’s 2018, let’s continue learning how to make a little money on the side. Today, Dollabuzz will show you how to make money as a secret shopper. No, this isn’t a Craigslist scam – it can actually work!

If you’ve been ridin’ with us for a while, then you know how to make money taking surveys. I actually originally came across secret shopping jobs while researching how to make money by taking surveys.

Let’s get right down to it!

How to Make Money As a Secret Shopper: Step #1

Step number one is to register at Shadow Shopper. Once you register, you’ll receive an email confirming your registration. Once confirmed, and after you create your profile, you’ll start receiving emails about local jobs in your area. There are two levels of shopper status:

Bronze Status

The free Basic Bronze membership allows you to apply for selected job listings (those posted more than 7 days ago) through the Job Board, and it puts you onto a list for employers to contact directly. You can also apply for Promoted Jobs (the ones posted on top of the list due to the immediate need for shoppers).

Gold Status

There are four different price points for Gold status, starting at $6.95 for 30 days and up to $47.95 for 365 days. Gold status provides all the benefits of the Bronze membership, PLUS:

  • Higher ranking on the list for employers to contact directly to offer work
  • Access to the Mystery Shopping, Merchandising, Demonstrating, and Interviewing certifications
  • Emails of FULL job notifications of actual jobs posted in real time, or once daily, depending on your preferences.
  • Instant application to ANY job posted on the Job Board or from your email inbox.

How To Make Money As a Secret Shopper: Step #2

After signing up, you’ll receive an email from a marketing rep that covers your geography. I received notification from MarketWise Consulting Group informing me of several available jobs in my area. I was also asked to register at Gigspot and downloaded the app. Gigspot will also provide job openings in your area.

My First Two Jobs

My first job was to evaluate a local dry cleaners by providing feedback on things like customer service, storefront appearance, and quality of cleaning.  I had to complete and submit a report within one week from my visit. For this assignment, I would receive up to $20 for reimbursements plus $10. Not bad for an hour of work.

Who doesn’t like easy money? Dollabuzz readers like easy money. Fo’ $ho

The second job involved visiting a church and providing feedback about my visit. Specifically, they were asking for feedback regarding the treatment of new visitors to their church. For this feedback, I received $45. Hallelujah!

What I Like About Secret Shopping So Far

My first jobs were simple gigs that offered decent pay. Getting paid $10 for a dry cleaning visit plus reimbursement was an easy score.  I was going to get those clothes cleaned anyways. Getting paid to attend church? That’s a no-brainer Dollabuzz.

A higher-paying job I came across requires you to be a “tough negotiator” but pays $75 a visit with up to 4-6 jobs a month! This involves negotiating the price of a car at a dealership. If you thrive at being a ball-breaker, then this could be for you.

What I Don’t Like

I can’t help but wonder if the premium upgrade would be worth the $6.95 for a 30-day trial. This may provide better opportunities, because a lot of the non-premium jobs require quite a bit of work for only $10. For example, one job was to evaluate a gas station. You’re required to take pics and buy something without reimbursement. Then you have to tell the people working there you’re a secret shopper. Yeah… that’s not how I Dollabuzz.

In addition to being a lot of work, some jobs are over 40 miles away… and at $10-$15 per visit, it’s just not worth my time. I’d rather take surveys from my house and wait for another dry cleaning gig. At Dollabuzz, we don’t work hard for peanuts, nah mean?

How To Make Money As a Secret Shopper: Conclusion

Making money as a secret shopper is a ludicrously simple process. Register and complete a profile with Shadow Shopper and Gigspot. Once completed, you can apply for various jobs in your area and then get paid. Easy as that.

That said, I would recommend upgrading to Gold or Premium status. There are better-paying jobs available that are worth your time. Also, be on the lookout for random phone numbers that call you. I received a call about handing out free skin-care products for $15 an hour! I would have taken this gig, but I had family obligations. This gig would have paid $96.

Easy Money Take Away

Combine your Secret Shopper money with your survey money and you can make some easy cash money. We’re not talking chump change, either. Between secret shopping and online surveys, you can make an easy $300-$400 a month. Easy money is how we like to Dollabuzz, and we assume that’s how our readers roll, too.

Let us know in the comments if you have any hot tips on easy money-making gigs, and we’ll be sure to check them out!