The Secret To Asking For a Raise And Getting It

Dollabuzz Shows You The Secret To Asking For a Raise And Getting It

Dollabuzz readers, run quick see! Y’all know what time it is. It is time to talk about gettin money! Specifically, how to get paid. And who does not want to talk about how to get paid?! Today, we are here to tell you the secret to asking for a raise and getting it. In other words, the secret to gettin paid more. Mo Money, Mo Money!

The Secret To Asking For a Raise And Getting It: Dollabuzz shows you the secret to asking for a raise and getting it.

How to ask for a raise is a common question we come across.  You can ask all day for something, but if you don’t get it then what was the point?

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Do not just ask for a raise. Prime your boss first, then ask.

The secret to getting a raise is not simply asking for one. It is what you say right before. Your boss will need to be primed before giving you mo money. This post will tell you the things you need to do, prior to asking, and how to prime your boss.

The Secret To Asking For a Raise And Getting It: What You Need to Do Before Asking

Everyone feels they deserve to be paid more. That statement is so obvious, I can’t believe I wrote it down. It is human nature to want more money. Once upon a time, before there was “cash money”, we wanted more of whatever it was that kept us alive. More food and water, a bigger hut with a nice dirt floor, and a bigger club to defend ourselves. It is only natural to want more money to buy what we need to survive. It’s instinct yo.

The Secret To Asking For a Raise And Getting It: Do You Deserve It?

Before you ask for your raise, you need to understand your situation. Have you truly earned that raise? If you’ve been on the job for 6 weeks, you probably won’t get that raise, no matter how you ask. Do you show up 5 mins early or do you roll in 10 mins late every day, looking like you just got out of bed? Do you volunteer to help on projects, actively participate and step up when needed? Are you someone your boss can count on? If not, then it’s going to be tough to get that raise.

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The Secret To Asking For a Raise And Getting It: Ask for Advice and Not an Opinion

If you are not sure where you stand at work, ask for advice from a trusted co-worker. Hopefully, their response will provide you with valuable insight and feedback about how you are perceived at work. Positive feedback indicates you are on the right track to getting that raise.

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The Secret To Asking For a Raise And Getting It: Ask a trusted co-worker for their advice on how you can improve at work.

Notice how I said ask for their advice and not their opinion. According to the Godfather of Influence, Dr. Robert Cialdini, “don’t ask for an opinion as this causes the person to take a half step back from you and separate from you. Instead, ask for their advice which results in taking a step towards you psychologically. They then see themselves as a partner in the process and will become more supportive.” Woah, that is deep!

The Secret To Asking For a Raise And Getting It: What To Say Right Before Asking

The secret to getting that raise is what you say before you ask. This will plant the seed in your boss’s brain that you deserve the raise BEFORE asking, increasing the chances your boss will agree. Let’s dig a little deeper and see exactly how this works.

The Secret To Asking For a Raise And Getting It: The secret is what you say right before you ask for that raise.

Before asking for a raise, simply ask this: “Why did you assign me to that project” or “Why did you ask me to train the new employee?” Your boss will begin by focusing on your strengths. Cha Ching!! Money dance! Your boss just told you how great you are! Now go for the kill and ask for that raise! You just hit your boss with a Dollabuzz voodoo mind trick. It will be difficult for your boss to agree that you are a valuable employee then say no to your request for a raise.

Conclusion: The Secret To Asking For a Raise And Getting It

Getting a raise is more than simply asking for one and hoping your boss agrees. The Dollabuzz secret to success involves priming your boss so they agree to your raise before you even ask for it.

The Secret To Asking For a Raise, And Getting It: Priming your boss right before asking for a raise will increase the chance your request will be successful

As your boss goes over your strengths, they will see how you are a valuable employee, significantly increasing your chances of getting the raise. Remember, once they agree that you are a valuable employee, it will be difficult for them to say no.

The Secret To Asking For a Raise And Getting It-Shoutout to Dr. Robert Cialdini

A few months ago, I read this fascinating book called Pre-Suasion by Dr. Robert Cialdini. Dr. Cialdini explains how we can persuade people, thus increasing the likelihood of them agreeing to what we ask of them. As I was reading this book, I thought the insight he provided would make a great post that answers the question of how to get a raise. As noted earlier, Dr. Cialdini is known as the Godfather of Influence.

At Dollabuzz, we are committed to helping you get your money right. Providing insight from Dr. Cialdini fits that goal like a hundred dolla bill in the palm of your hand. Do yourself a solid and go buy his book, which is filled with numerous examples of how to persuade people in an ethical manner. You will be glad you did.

To order his book on kindle click here

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